July19   2009         Seminar by A.E. Belousov "Survival school,  Kadochnikov style"

Belousov Survival school


workin with entrenching shovel

hold release

energy field operations







 XX Moscow International Book Exhibition - Fair.


Сonversation with a famous psychologist Alexander Sviyash.









Sharing experience with no less well-known psychologist, author of a series of books, Valery Sinelnikov









Unfortunately, there was not just enough time for a personal diagnosis for everybody, but even to sign the books.                                                                 








During short brakes: Express - diagnosis and correction of inwardness.







Field training by the Caucasus foothills .

"Bioenergy and optimal state of mind is best to study and practise in the field conditions.





The exhibition of paintings in the city museum of Kaliningrad.